Joel of Peterborough

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Well that presentation is finally over! I can finally sit back and relax as I contemplate how brutalized it truely was. Anyways I'm gonna make this a short post, basically I'm done the presentation, and Saturday I go up to Lakefield with a canoe to paddle, and row, back to Peterborough. OH! And for all those who think they could use a little distraction every now and then check out this site: High Descent .

Well that's all for today folks, ta-ta...

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Well I've collected $26 in pledges for the canoe deal, and hopefully we get enough people down there to break the world record. We're aiming at 650 canoes. Anyways I am looking forward to that event quite a lot.

In the more immediate future, I have a french presentation which I have to do tomorrow which is about France between the years 1300-1500 (Les bas moyens ages for those of you who speak the language). It's most likely that it won't be my most polished presentation ever, but I know that everything will work out because I am wholly dedicated to staying up the whole night to work on it, which of course will be tremendous fun.

As well as that I am soon to be bringing in a large unabridged international dictionary for my english teacher. He really likes dictionaries, and I can't blame him, truely the people who fail to find words to describe their feelings usually know not enough words to fill even a single letter's section of the dictionary. Of course this does not apply to the many individuals of the earth which have inspired others with their remarkable and astounding diction.

Speaking of languages I am moving along nicely with my self-taught russian, I am now able to write and speak a few simple phrases:

Written: Эдраствуите
Pronounced: Zdrastvooytye
Means: Hello(formal)

Written: Эдраствуи
Pronounced: Zdrastvooy
Means: Hello(informal)

Written: До свидания
Pronounced: Da Sveedaneeya
Means: Goodbye

Written: Как у вас дела?
Pronounced: Kak oo vas dyela?
Means: How are you?

Written: Спасибо, хорошо
Pronounced: Spaseeba kharasho
Means: Thank you, fine.

Written: А как у вас?
Pronounced: A kak oo vas?
Means: And you?

There are more phrases that I know but it's just too tedious for me to type them up since I am being driven to the on-screen keyboard to locate each individual letter that I type. Anyways Russian is cool. Anybody who is even mildly proficient with language should definately look into learning new ones, it is so much damn fun you won't know what's goin on.

Well the night's work calls and I've already spent more time than I've allotted for this so I'll talk to you, and the rest of the world either tomorrow or in a few days. До свидания!

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Well I guess this is my first post to Blogger. I guess an introduction is in order...

Well my name is Joel DunstanGaren. I am 18 years old and live in Peterborough. I currently attend Kenner C.V.I. I performed a comedy act this year at coffee house during the first semester. My marks in school need improvement and I am putting myself on a self-created program for improvement. I am very interested in Computer Science as my future in education at university.

A couple weeks ago I helped in a massive clean-up of the Peterborough canoe museum, and this saturday I will be participating in an event to try and break the world record for most canoes on an inland lake. We will be trying to raise money for the Canadian Canoe Museum.

I know the Canoe Museum might not seem interesting but it truely is a part of our heritage. Canoes have been around for a long time and we have some incredibly old, but cool, canoes here. Anyways I have to go and raise my $20 for participation. I'll let you know how it goes later.